80 inches of pure optimism, Josh Boston is an art director/artist/illustrator/designer with a love of interactive and animal metaphors. Raised in the mid-west and refined on the west coast, he's done just about everything from advertising to print to digital to illustration & animation.

He's also worked for an assortment of international brands, little brands, non-profits, big agencies and tiny agencies. His work has been featured internationally in the Coke Side of Life Remix Exhibition as well as in publications such as Beautiful Decay, RE:UP, and Relevant. He gets really excited about storytelling, improvising, and connecting forms to emotion.

Currently stationed in Portland, Oregon as an Art Director/Designer at Wieden + Kennedy.

Email: hijoshboston [at] gmail.com
Twitter: @HeyJoshBoston
Instagram: @HeyJoshBoston

Armchair Media, Best Buy, Bebe, Brain Pickings, C&C California, Coca-Cola, CP+B, Dasani, DC Shoes, Ford Motor Company, Hachette Book Group, Herbal Essences, Hitachi, Jell-o, Lambesis, Nike, The NRDC, Old Navy, P&G, Pop Chips!, Qualcomm, Razorfish, SKYY Vodka, Tacori, Transworld Skate, Wieden+Kennedy, Zambezi, Zappos

Work shown herein is only a partial selection of capabilities and style. For a full catalog of work please send an email request. Currently accepting new freelance clients.

Portrait illustration By The Absolutely Amazing:
Jérôme Mireault