Zombie Panda Crew

The legend of the Zombie Panda Crew.


An eight year-old from Carlsbad, California really liked two things: skateboarding and pandas. His agent got in touch with us about doing some artwork for the up-and-coming little ripper. It just so happens that we love three things: pandas, skateboarding and kids that like pandas and skateboarding. The partnership was set.

If you’re an eight year old kid then pandas are cool. They can also be cute. Maybe even too cute. We solved this cuteness situation by turning the panda into a zombie. Now who’s cute? Sure, the Zombie Panda is still cute but he’ll also eat your brains. Eating your brains isn’t cute, it’s dangerous–just like eight year-old skateboarders.

As with any zombie apocalypse, word of the Zombie Panda Crew began to spread. Zombie Panda showed up in an art show supporting youth skateboarders in Portland, Oregon. Then a limited edition Zombie Panda skateboard appeared in the Ride On show later that year. Rumor has it, there’s even a giant banner of Zombie Panda propaganda hanging on a halfpipe in Carlsbad, California. The moral of the story is simple: If you build it, Zombie Panda will come. And eat your brains. The End.